You can have the best
you can have the best you can have the best

Performance and Economy

Inexhaustible V8 power on tap and first class fuel economy equivalent to its Euro 5 sibling.

Cleaner than ever, without sacrificing anything of the signature V8 power and fuel efficiency, it leads the way towards more sustainable road transport.


Elegant, Bold and Confident

With unique exterior styling, the Scania V8 is easily recognisable from the front grille to the low-drag V8 sideskirts.

The Scania V8 is a statement in itself. All Scania V8 trucks share a unique distinctive exterior styling, which sets them apart from the crowd.

Scania exterior V8

Luxurious and Elegant

Attention to detail at every turn, from pedals to steering wheel, from trim to V8 embossed leather seats

The unique and luxurious interior styling features, mean you can enjoy the comfort and feel of your V8 Scania every minute of every mile.

Scania V8 leather seat